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Welby was born July 5, 2012 in Sylmar, California, at Guide Dogs of America (GDA), an organization that provides seeing-eye dogs to individuals who are legally blind or severely sight impaired. The Butler Family has been involved with GDA for over 30 years as puppy raisers and as a guardian home for the breeding program. 

Kim and her family  worked with Welby for 15 months, teaching her basic commands, socializing her with people, places, and other dogs, and meeting monthly with other puppy raisers and trainers for training sessions. As a young dog, Welby returned to school for her advanced formal training. 

While she passed the initial tests for soundness and personality, it was decided that she would be best utilized as a Therapy Dog, helping to comfort and reduce stress in individuals who suffer from PTSD, anxiety disorders, or depression. Welby enjoys putting her skills to work with Kim's clients, setting everyone at ease with her sweet manner. Welby is certified by Alliance of Therapy Dogs

Radar was born on September 27, 2017 in Hoisington, Kansas. He is the comedian of the two dogs. Radar joined our family in early February 2018. He is a registered Standard Poodle who is in training to become a certified "therapy dog." He has a friendly, warm temperament and likes to give hugs. He also likes to steal food, steal other dog's toys and ride in the front seat of my car. 


If you have an aversion or allergy to dogs, please let us know prior to your first visit and we will make accommodations to meet your needs.